Yongnuo YN14EX II Ring Macro LED Light Flash Kit Speedlight Suitable for Canon TTL

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1.Professional Color-temperature Filters
Equipped with four kinds of color-temperature filters:white,red,fluorescent green and warm yellow,magnetic drawing method for filters is easy for use.
2.High Guide Number,Supports M/TTL Flash
Supports functions such as exposure compensation,FEB,rear-curtain sync,FE lock,Fn custom settings, menu access to Canon camera.
3.Ring Type Double Lamp Macro Flash
Supports M/TTL flash ratio setting,adjusting flash ratio of flash tube A and B or making only one flash tube flash can produce shadow on the subject, which enables the photo reach sculptural effect.
4.Large-size LCD Display
Large-size LCD display,making it clear and intuitive to check and set the flash functions.
5.LED AF Assist Lamp
LED AF assist lamp with high brightness,making it easy to focus when shooting in dark environment. 
6.Equipped With PC Sync Interface 
YN14EXII is equipped with standard 2.5mm PC synchronous interface,which helps you easily achieve synchronized flash function through a PC sync cord.
7.Supports Lenses Of Multiple Filter Sizes
Supports lenses with the filter size of 52mm、58mm、67mm、72mm(Equipped with adapter ring of 52mm、58mm、67mm、72mm )
8.Sound Prompt System
When the sound prompt function is on,different sound modes prompt different working status,which helps you concentrate on the shooting process.(Note:sound prompt can be turned off)
9.High-speed Charging Recycle System
Recycle time of full output is only 3 seconds,you can get high-speed recycling experience within 4-5 seconds even when you are not using brand new batteries.
10.Equipped With External Power Socket
YN14EXII is equipped with external power socket,which meets the user demand of high-speed recycling time.
11.Auto-save Setting,Supports Custom Settings
Your current settings are saved automatically,which is convenient for use when you boot up the flash next time.


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